Vortex RoK Shifter Engine Package


$ 3,800.00 $ 4,500.00

Single-cylinder 2 stroke engine / six-speed gearbox
Intake: Reed valve intake/crankcase
Displacement: 125 cc 
Cooling: Liquid/external pump
Ignition: PVL analogic
Clutch: Dry
Carburettor: Dell’Orto VHSH Ø 30mm
Fuel pump: Dell'Orto
Bore and stroke:  54x54.5mm
Push-to-start system

Arrow intake silencer
5/3 transfer ducts intake
Oval exhaust and 2 boosters
Output Performance:  43HP at 13.900 Rpm
Max RPM:    14,000
Exhaust:  Shifter Rok moulded
Exhaust silencer: Yes
Front clutch gearbox system
Radial bearing C4

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