Chassis Set-Up

Chassis Setup:

Are you new to Karting? Have a younger driver you need to have ready for the coming season?

Are you purchasing a new Kart? or purchasing used? No matter which....WE CAN HELP!!

Although the design of a Kart appears relatively simple at first glance, the list of variables to ensure its proper handling is lengthy.  

Entering into the sport of Karting holds many exciting challenges for a new driver.  The feel of a Kart, the flow of the Race Track,  understanding the communication of the flags, the tuning of the motor, and the setup of the Kart chassis, etc.. can be quite daunting at first.

Ensure your driver is NOT learning bad habits based on a poorly- handling Kart!

We at KartWorkz will perform a complete setup of your chassis to a predetermined set of recommended settings. We will ensure you are scaled and meet requirements for your intended race class. 

We will provide you with data sheets, which explain exactly where your chassis has been tuned. We will also provide a personal introduction to chassis setup and adjustment.

Our core specialty is focused on younger drivers. So, if you have a child entering as a Kid Karter / Rotax MicroMax / Rotax Mini Max / Cadet (Comer) / Sportsman /   or Formula J.... we can help.


Give us a call to discuss your needs.

We will be happy to evaluate them and take it from there.

Our goal is your satisfaction.


Extremely affordable!!   Quick Turn around Times!! 




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