UltraSonic Carburetor Cleaning

Ultra Sonic Cleaning is used in a variety of industries- when it is required to have debris- free equipment such as: manufacturing equipment, laboratory equipment, rifles, hand guns, ink cartridges, medical equipment, tattoo equipment, cosmetology equipment and much more!

In the highly competitive world of racing, your equipment needs to perform at the very top level in order to win. Don’t let the cost of a weekend of racing be ruined by the smallest piece of debris lodged within your critical components! 

KartWorkz offers a cleaning service based on the use of an Industrial Grade Ultra Sonic Cleaner. Operating at 40,000 Hz and over 780 watts, our cleaners will find the debris. Coupled with the proper cleaning agents; dirt, grime, and films can all be effectively removed.



Whether it may be your Carburetor, or just an assortment of jets, we will make sure that they are debris free!


Our Process of Cleaning involves:

  • Dis-assembly- while maintaining a reference of your current settings
  • Examination of component functionality
  • A specific dose of time in which all parts are bombarded with ultrasonic sound waves within a solution of degreasers.
  • A drying process to ensure the clearing of any residual liquids
  • Reassembly to previous settings
  • Sealed (vacuum packed) with Silica gel to ensure it is ready when you need to use it. 


Our Standard Services include:

$30.00 /Carburetor

$15.00/ Jet Assortment

$20.00/ 6pc. Bearing Assortment

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