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Karting, as you know, is an exhilarating sport which enables a driver to develop skills while competing in a fast- paced, highly reactive racing environment.

Whether you are new to the sport or a seasoned competitor, you have probably already identified that, in order to improve on your craft, there is much preparation which must be done.

KartWorkz Tent Services

It has been said:  "Racing is a lifestyle, and an entire week's worth of work and planning is only tested and displayed on Race Day". Karting holds true to this statement.  In order to perform at your best, a well -organized and orderly approach to the Race weekend remains an advantage to those who do it best.

Kartworkz is prepared to offer a long list of services to assist in reducing the burden of planning associated with race day.

KartWorkz hosts a crew of drivers who are interested in expanding on their racing talents, while creating an economical collection of services to ease the planning.

As with any form of racing, expenses can pile up quickly, and often lead to potential separation from the sport.

Our Goal is to offer economically sound solutions to an area where families often duplicate efforts.

Enlisting in our Race services program provides unity, fellowship, and immediate relief of much of the planning, as it relates to getting to the races.
KartWorkz Race team provides at track services supporting the North East Regional Rotax Series, F-Series Gear Up Challenge and upcoming National Event weekends .


As part of the KartWorkz Race team, you will be provided these Track Day Services :

  • Prepared Pit location (electric, lighting, and shelter)
  • Karting Advisor (Tuner/Coach)
  • Data Analysis
  • Track Maps, Track Walks, and Driving Instruction
  • Go Pro Review
  • Kart Services Discounts
  • (5) Ultra Sonic Parts Cleanings
  • (3 hrs) Dyno Time
  •  a 20% off product discount at
  • Access to bulk purchasing agreements
  • Equipment hauling (Upon Request)
  • An All inclusive track day driving with your Coach
  • Framed Custom Art Pencil Sketch

Call for more details and Package Pricing!!KartWorkz Victory Podium

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