FAQ's (frequently asked questions)


Where are  Kartworkz products manufactured?

Kartworkz designs and manufactures all Kart Stands and Trailer Accessories in Northeastern USA. We work closely with local facilities, leveraging their skills and expertise to manufacture the highest quality products, affordable!!!


Does KartWorkz support the Racing Community for where its business is centered?

Absolutely!!  We started off as Kart Racers, and have consequently decided to build a business to address the needs of our fellow enthusiasts. In our first full year of business, we have successfully sponsored multiple races at club level, regional level, and also national level competitions. We have also partnered with Go Rotax to support  youth in Karting by supplying the Kart Stands needed to help improve the experience at the  Rotax Grand Finals held this past year in New Orleans.


Does KartWorkz Offer a Satisfaction Guarantee?

It is always of the highest importance that KartWorkz customers are pleased with the products purchased. We vow to do WHATEVER we must in order to ensure that our customers are satisfied.


Is the KartWorkz Website Secure?  

KartWorkz employs the highest level of security on our site to protect the information of all purchasers. Our site is 100% PCI compliant. So feel free to order without concern.


Why Should I purchase from Kartworkz as opposed to other Kart Stand Companies?

Kartworkz is driven to supply the highest quality products. We are focused on avoiding and improving on the known issues experienced in currently produced stands. Kartworkz selects the proper fabrication methods, as well as materials to ensure the greatest durability within the product. We offer what we believe are stronger, better-designed and longer-lasting products across the board, using gusseting, engineered stamping and other techniques to meet our goal. Regardless of the means,  KartWorkz is determined to build products you will have and enjoy using for many years to come.


How would a Custom Request be handled?

We love to hear about custom requests. We, at KartWorkz, enjoy discussing trailers and the individual challenges people incur in making their home on the road organized , attractive, and functional.  We are  pleased to learn from all special circumstances and take enjoyment in making your special requests become reality.  Who knows? maybe your custom request will become our new standard offering.

Our Process is simple..

We discuss your desired request, send you sketches, and when a confirmed solution is achieved, we accept a deposit for manufacture to begin.  Final payment would be made at time of delivery.


Is KartWorkz Present at Races throughout the Year?

Yes, Kartworkz makes multiple support appearances across the United States throughout the year.  We are constantly working to update the list of locations we will be attending. Sign up for our mailing list or check back to the site periodically to keep yourself adequately informed.


How is a Return Made to KartWorkz?

Should you have to return a product to KartWorkz:
1. Make contact to receive a Return Authorization number
2. Adequately  re-package the product so as to protect it from damage in freight.
3. Upon return and inspection, described credit will be issued for item.







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